Waiting for YG’s new girl group: # 7 Jennie’s ”Strange Clouds” (x)


Kim Tae Hee for Isabey de Paris [Fall/Winter 2012]

All Lee Ji Eun asks herself is: Will he remember me? This afterlife I created was all for him, I just wanted to see his shining face again. Just to see him healthy and… smile for me, if its only for a second… will he…

Her heart skips a beat as he slowly turns to see her smooth and silky face, he searches for an answer while he looks at her, and he did. She smiles to reassure him, she’s her, the one he has been looking for, the one in his dreams.


5 years with SoShi.

They’re still our resident dorks though.. these beautiful strangers.

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I love you!


Fighting Unni !!!!!!!!


Petition for T-ARA to stop lying to us here —> http://www.vingle.net/posts/40854

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